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There are a lot of freight forwarding and logistics services in Indonesia. One of them is SiFast Express. SiCepat delivery service itself is a company engaged in the service sector, which focuses on goods delivery services.

The range of this delivery service has covered the entire territory of Indonesia. And also expand to to the continents of Asia and Australia. This one delivery service can be said to be a new service. Because SiCepat Ekspres itself was founded in 2014. Even though it looks new, if you look at its development from year to year, it is very fast. The presence of SiCepat itself has been taken into account, which can be compete with other logistics delivery services such as JNE & Post Office.

Be found hundreds of SiCepat Branch Offices who are ready to support all shipping operations. In addition, SiCepat Ekspres offers a variety of interesting services. Among them are the speed of delivery of goods, a more flexible and accurate payment system, compensation services, insurance and so on. What’s more, this fast trusted by several online shop sellers to deliver the package to the buyer.

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SiCepat office working days and hours

SiCepat Office Hours
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It is known that SiCepat will always strive to provide the best service in terms of shipping goods. There are so many an interesting range of benefits in this delivery service. So it’s not surprising that SiCepat has many fans. Or even make SiCepat as their subscription delivery service. Each delivery service certainly has a different schedule and working hours in carrying out services. This also applies to this SiCepat delivery service.

The schedule and working hours at SiCepat are more or less the same as delivery services in general. And it can be said SiFast have long working hours. Basically the working hours of SiCepat’s own office/agent have different timings in each region. The following is the general schedule and working hours of SiCepat Ekspres throughout Indonesia;

  • Monday – Saturday : 09.00 – 17.00
  • Sundays & Red Days : Close

The schedule above is only the working hours that are usually used by most SiCepat offices/agents. But it’s different with office/agent located in the center or big city, which has longer working hours. Or maybe some offices work more hours than the set.

  • Monday – Saturday : 09.00 – 20.00
  • Sundays & Red Days : Close

The working hours schedule you see above may be subject to changes. However, you can use this schedule as a reference or reference when you want to go to the SiCepat agent office.

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SiCepat delivery courier working hours

SiFat Courier Working Hours
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Maybe not a few people are curious about the operating hours of the SiCepat courier. It is known that This SiCepat courier works 24 hours, from Monday to Saturday. However, the courier’s operating hours only apply to sending packages from branch office to other branches.

It is different if the courier sends the package to the customer, which is usually done starting from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Of course for Sundays and holidays, the courier will stop shipping. Considering that on that day, the office hours are not operating.

Check the delivery of goods SiFast

If talking about freight forwarding serviceof course you are familiar with the term receipt number no. In a simple sense, the receipt number is a shipping number for your goods. Maybe some people are not aware of the usefulness of the delivery number. And it may be assumed that the number is just an ordinary number. You usually find the delivery number when you do online shopping on e-commerce applications/sites.

The receipt number is very important and useful for track the latest position of goods that you ordered. In this SiCepat service, you can check the delivery number of the item in two ways. That is by checking through smartphone and website. To do this, consider the following two ways!

Via smartphone

The first step is to download the SiCepat Ekspres application on the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone users. Press menu Check receipts, when you are on the main page of the Application. Then Enter Receipt Number the item you want to track, then press Check receipts. After that, you will be shown information regarding the delivery details of your goods.

Check SiCepat Application Receipt
Check SiCpat receipts via the application. REVELATION OF FAITHFUL NCO

Via Website

It’s different with checking the receipt number through the Website. Of course, you have to access the SiCepat website first. After that, Click Check Receipt menu at the top of the main page of the SiCepat Website. Enter Receipt Number you want to track, then click lacquer (You can enter 3 receipt numbers at once). After that, you will be presented with information regarding the delivery details of your goods.

Check SiCepat Website Receipts
Check SiCpat receipts via the website. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

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Kinds of SiCepat package delivery service

And as additional information about the SiCepat delivery service. In this delivery service there are: multiple delivery service interesting to try. Of course, the presence of these services is what makes many people interested in trying it. Among its services are SiCepat Regular, SiCepat BEST, and SiFast Cargo. Each of these services does have different delivery service criteria. And for more details you can see below.

Regular SiFast Service

The first service is SiFast Regular. This service is arguably the most frequently used service by the public. Of course with this package you can send various goods including other documents. Estimated delivery required for this service 15 Hours according to ETA. What’s more, at no extra cost. However, the service is available specifically for the Greater Jakarta and Bandung areas.

BEST Si SiFast Service

But if you need super fast delivery service. You can use the BEST SiCepat service. This service can be said to be a Premium service from SiCepat. The delivery range is also in all major cities in Indonesia. What’s more, the estimated delivery of goods it only takes 1 day. Of course you can freely send any item with a very fast and accurate time.

SiFast Cargo Service

In contrast to the previous service, this service is provided for those of you who have a larger package of goods. There is attractive price discount, if you send a package of goods with a minimum weight of 5 Kg. For estimated delivery of goods it takes about 1-3 days only. Of course you can send it to all major cities in Indonesia.

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