What is Refund? Definition of Refund and its Benefits and Procedures

Refund is a term we often hear in refund guarantees to buyers, which can be done when a problem occurs when receiving a product that does not match the picture or description from the seller. But did you know that the word refund has a broad enough meaning to define than just a refund guarantee to the buyer. Because in developed countries like America, the term refund is meant in the context of taxation. So the word means reimbursement of the overpayment of taxes by the government taxation authority.

But in a general context, the term refund has a meaning in which merchants issue refunds or funds to customers who are not satisfied with the goods or services they have purchased. In order not to be too complicated, let’s focus more on the discussion about the term refund which is considered more common by the Indonesian people below.

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What is a refund?

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Broadly speaking the definition of refund is a full refund or an amount from the process of buying and selling transactions through an agreement between two parties, namely the seller and the buyer. In its own way, A buyer can claim a refund if he has fulfilled some conditions provided by the market or seller. In Indonesia itself, the refund process is carried out through digital media.

This is related to the majority of transactions carried out online through electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. In addition, not all refunds or refunds can be claimed in full (depending on the condition of the goods and applicable policies). Plus, usually refunded funds take quite a long time, this depends on the procedure and the payment media you used when buying the returned item.

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Benefits of having a refund

You may argue that a refund is an asset or guarantee offered by the seller to the buyer, when there is a ‘disagreement’ in the transaction process that has taken place. This can be triggered by various factors, such as the item purchased is defective, does not match the description, does not match the buyer’s request, or the item used is damaged in just a few days, and many more. Especially if you make purchases online.

So the existence of a refund is very useful from the buyer’s point of view, because they get a guaranteed refund if the goods they receive have problems. As for the sellers themselves, they get the buyer’s trust because they dare to give a guarantee if the goods sold have errors. So here the role of refund is like a rope that connects the bond of trust between the seller and the buyer.

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General refund procedure

So far, we are familiar with the process of purchasing goods when shopping online, but what if you are faced with a situation where the goods you have ordered do not match or have problems that require you to claim a refund. This kind of thing is not uncommon and cannot be avoided, therefore we need to know the steps in claiming a refund when shopping online. Below I will explain how the process flow for claiming refunds in e-commerce in general is related.

STEP 1 : The first step, open the online shopping application that you use to purchase goods; such as Shopee, Tokopedia and the like. Then select “Goods delivery transaction” which took place.

STEP 2 : If you have, you will be redirected to the item transaction page. Furthermore, on this page there are usually two options that you can choose from, namely “receipt of goods” and “Submit a return” Please click Submit a return / complaint.

STEP 3 : On the next new page please you fill in some of the questions available to request a refund. Examples of questions that are presented are, did you receive the package or not? The reason why you are requesting a refund? And also attach photos / videos as evidence that confirms your refund.

STEP 4 : At this last stage, you just have to wait for a response from the seller. Usually the system will give 3 days to discuss between buyer and seller in finding a deal. However, if more than 3 days the seller does not respond, then the refund process will be continued to the buyer according to the time policy of the application in question.

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Tips for claiming a refund

As someone who has enough experience in shopping online, in Indonesian and overseas marketplaces, I will give you a few tips so that you can easily apply for a refund on e-commerce applications. Here are some tips:

  1. Frequently survey and see reviews on certain sources. Then pay attention to the description of the goods posted by the seller, whether the description is in accordance with the data analysis you get.
  2. Then in the picture posted by the seller, if the picture of the item listed looks like it was photographed. Try to find a match for the image on a search on google image search. If you find a similar picture, try to ask for a picture of the original item from the seller through a contact that can be contacted.
  3. If the two points match, fill in the message to the seller in the text quote before you start to enter the payment step. Try to give a message that conveys that you want the item according to the agreed description and picture.
  4. Screenshots of the results of the three points above, for example a description before you start a transaction, a chat agreement with the seller and a text quote that you have submitted as in the third point. And don’t forget to take photos or videos of the process of opening the package when it is received.
  5. If your goods have arrived and are not in accordance with the agreement shown in the points above. So the screenshots and unpacking photos can be used as strong evidence in the process of submitting a refund to be accepted by the e-commerce party. So if an error occurred on the seller’s side, then you have a strong alibi in requesting a refund of your goods.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do the above tips on every existing purchase transaction. Because it depends on the price level and the quality of the goods you are going to buy, for example, such as electronic goods such as smartphones or laptops.

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In short, a refund is a service that ensures the safety of the buyer in the event of a problem with the goods that have been purchased. Refund also functions as a digital tool that provides its own value to the online store application. With the availability of a safe refund guarantee and easy-to-understand procedures, we can be comfortable when buying an item online without having to worry if something unexpected happens when the item arrives.

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What is a refund?

Refund is a full refund or an amount from the process of buying and selling transactions through an agreement between two parties, namely the seller and the buyer.

Are refunds safe?

Refunds or refunds run safely if you follow all applicable terms and procedures honestly and carefully. For example, there is something wrong with filling in your bank account number for your refund, then this will cause the refund to be problematic because of your own fault. Therefore, check all the refund requirements carefully.

Does a refund guarantee a full refund?

This depends on the policies that apply to each e-commerce, as well as the results of discussions between the seller and the buyer when the refund application is in progress.

How long does the refund last?

The refund process itself usually takes 2×24 hours, but this goes back to the policies that apply to every e-commerce company.

Writer : Agung Wijaya | Editor : Wahyu Setia NCO, Rudi Dian Arifin

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