Blank Text Generator : Copy & Paste Teks Kosong (Empty Text)

Have you ever come across a friend, relative, or someone sending a blank text message in an app, like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. Not infrequently, empty text is also used for FF, Mobile Legends, and PUBGM account bios. The blank text is actually just for entertainment, it doesn’t contain anything and just for fun. This method is usually done by people who are fun to send messages or comments even though there is no text at all.

Due to its unique effect, many users try to create their own blank text using spaces but can’t (submit button will not activate). Then how to make the correct blank text? The method is very easy, you can use the tool Blank Text Generator on this page to create blank text easily and quickly. Here’s a quick guide on how to copy and paste blank text for WA, IG, FB, and others below.

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Copy Blank Text (Blank Text) for WA, IG, FB

Blank Text Generator is a simple tool that allows you to create blank text or blank text for certain purposes, such as sending blank messages or blank comments on WA, IG, FB, to blank account names for some mobile games.

  1. Please click the button Copy blank text to copy.
  2. If a pop-up or alert appears “Empty text copied successfully!” it means the blank text has been copied successfully.
  3. You can use it right away by pasting the blank text into the message, comment, or account name field of the application you want.
  4. Done.

If it doesn’t work, you can use another method by copying the blank text in the brackets below.

(‎‎‎‎‎‎‎     ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎     ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎     ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎)

Selection and translation (copy) the part that is in parentheses, parentheses should not be copied. Then paste (paste) into the message or comment field on the application you want.

Enable JavaScript in your browser

Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome
Enable JavaScript in PC browser, Laptop. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

If the button Copy Blank Text the one we created can’t copy or doesn’t work, maybe because JavaScript in your browser isn’t enabled yet. By default, JavaScript in most browsers is enabled. But to be sure, you can check Site settings by following the steps below.

  1. Open the menu Settings in your Chrome browser.
  2. Enter the menu Privacy and Security.
  3. Then choose Site settings.
  4. Scroll down, select features JavaScript.
  5. Make sure you choose Site can use JavaScript.
  6. Done.

You can quickly access this page via the following link:


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How to Create Blank Text for WA, IG, FB

After copying the blank text from the button we provided above, it’s time to have fun using the blank text in any application you want. Here we present some examples of using blank text on a number of social media, namely: WhatsApp, Instagram, and also Facebook.

1. Chat WhatsApp

WhatsApp Blank Messages
1. Chat blank text on WhatsApp. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

After copying the blank text via the button we provided above, you can directly use it on the WhatsApp application. To send a blank message on WhatsApp, see the method below.

  1. You first select the contact you want to send a blank message to.
  2. Then Paste or paste blank text it to the message field.
  3. You can paste it many times to form a long blank message.
  4. Press Send to send a message and see the result.
  5. Done.

Apart from blank messages, you can also add blank text to your WhatsApp profile and account info. You just paste the blank text and select Save to save.

2. Instagram Comments

Instagram Blank Comments
2. Add blank comments on Instagram. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

Furthermore, you can also add blank comments on Instagram. To add a blank comment on Instagram, follow the steps below.

  1. Find and select Feed Instagram that you want to comment on.
  2. Paste or paste blank text to the Instagram comments column.
  3. Tap Send to post a comment.
  4. Done.

3. Comment Facebook

Facebook Blank Comments
3. Make a blank comment on Facebook. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

Not only Instagram, you can also do the same on the Facebook application. The method is very easy, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Status or Feed Facebook that you want to comment on.
  2. Paste or paste blank text to the Facebook comments column.
  3. Tap Send to post a comment.
  4. Done.

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Blank Text Generator which we presented above you can use to create blank text in a number of applications. In addition to blank text, you can also type or add something in the available fields and then copy it according to your needs. This tool is only used for entertainment purposes or for fun. There is no risk whatsoever in using this tool. You can try Blank Text Generator through your PC, Laptop, and HP browser.

Share this tool with your friends if you find it useful and useful. If you have questions or opinions that you want to convey, please write them in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck!

Can the Blank Text Generator above be used on the iPhone?

Of course, you can use Blank Text Generator via the Safari browser on your iPhone (iOS). Open Blank Text Generator to access the tool and click the button Copy Blank Text to copy the blank text.

Is Blank Text Generator safe to use?

Of course, the Blank Text Generator tool is built with JavaScript code which doesn’t have any risk. This is just a simple tool made for entertainment purposes and will not damage your device.

How to use Blank Text Generator?

You can use the Blank Text Generator tool via your PC or HP browser. Click button Copy Blank Text to copy the blank text, then paste (paste) in the message or comment field of the application. Send a message or comment to see the results.

What platforms support blank text?

Some platforms that still support blank text are: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, as well as several online games such as: FF, Mobile Legends, and PUBGM.

Why can’t I add blank text on TikTok?

Unfortunately, now TikTok has figured out the trick to creating blank text. So, you can no longer add blank text on TikTok.

Writer : Rudi Dian Arifin | Editor : Revelation Faithful NCO

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