#EarthLifeMATters, Astra’s Wise Ways to Manage Energy

Jakarta, MobilePhone-Us.com – In order to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Astra Property, Astra through one of its projects, Menara Astra, held a campaign titled #EarthLifeMAtters.

Taking place from 19 September – 14 October 2022, this campaign aims to educate and invite employees and the public to continue to care and participate in the movement. sustainability or what is currently better known as ESG (EnvironmentalSocial, Governance).

“Running sustainability initiatives requires commitment and consistency from various parties, not only the Astra Tower building management team but also all stakeholders which is involved. Starting from now, from yourself, and as simple as possible, but done together, it will definitely create a big positive impact,” said Djap Tet Fa, President Director of Astra Property in Jakarta, Monday (19/9/2022).

Campaign #EarthLifeMATters itself carries 4 pillars of the program sustainability Astra Property conducted by Menara Astra, namely related #EverySwitchMATters energy saving or steps to use energy wisely, related #EveryWasteMATters waste management or solid waste management, related #EveryDropMAtters water saving or wise use of water, and related #EveryPeopleMATters community development.

Interestingly, the #EarthLifeMATters campaign is carried out by Menara Astra independently offline and online. For program offline, #EarthLifeMATters campaign will display a number of related information sustainability initiatives which is run at Menara Astra.

As an educational step and spark public awareness, in several areas at Menara Astra there are stand information about sustainability initiatives which is carried out, among others in the second floor area retailfront area food court ZEST dan area Sky Lobby 3rd floor.

To attract attention and increase public participation, the #EarthLifeMATters . campaign bring some games in activation booth Sky Lobby.

In addition, in the ZEST area, visitors will be presented with several pop up information on water saving and waste management which will then direct visitors to be able to sort out their plastic waste and dispose of it in a special box ‘Spirit to Reduce Plastic’ so that it can be processed further.

The excitement of the campaign was also enlivened by the existence of a promo program from ZEST for visitors to Menara Astra, where for buyers who brought tumbler and lunch box yourself, will get a discount of 30%.

Menara Astra as an office building that has received a certificate Green Mark with Platinum level being the highest level from BCA (Building & Construction Authority) Singapore, applies several established standards, including those related to energy conservation, water conservation, air quality, and room comfort.

One of the things to pay attention to in determining the level Green Mark Platinum is the use of clean water.

By planning rain water harvesting system to take advantage of rainwater and water recycling system to me-recycle waste water, Menara Astra can save PDAM water use up to 46% of the total building usage (January to July 2022 data).

Therefore, when in the toilet, visitors will be reminded to save water through sticker information posted on mirrors and toilet cubicles.

Not just holding a program offlinethe excitement of Menara Astra’s #EarthLifeMAtters campaign can also be seen in the activities online held, such as the presentation of the program photo competition and quizzes, which of course offer attractive prizes for the winners.

Astra Tower's #EarthLifeMATters campaign

Collaboration with Octopus

At the event kick off #EarthLifeMATters campaign which was held on Monday 19 September 2022, Menara Astra also signed a cooperation agreement with Octopus, which will act as waste management partner Astra Tower.

Through Octopus, Menara Astra practices waste sorting before it is managed according to the type of waste so that it is not disposed of in the TPA or commonly known as zero to landfill.

Through the #EarthLifeMATters campaign and collaboration with Octopus, Menara Astra hopes that all building tenants and employees who work at Menara Astra can participate in waste management so that together they can have a positive effect on the environment and community.

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