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FormatFactory is software used for converting multimedia files. FormatFactory converts text, image, audio and video document files to a variety of different standard formats, it also allows you to adjust parameters such as quality, resolution and compression level. FormatFactory is known as a multipurpose application because it can help you convert various file formats, besides that this conversion software is very easy to use.

FormatFactory has many great features; with a simple interface that is easy to use and free for commercial and personal use. This application lets you reduce file size without sacrificing quality, and saves storage space on your computer. FormatFactory can also allow you to back up files for playback on DVDs, Blu-rays, CD ROMs, and more.

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Fitur Format Factory

The FormatFactory feature is superior enough to provide the functional requirements for converting a variety of media formats that you have on your computer. Here’s a list of FormatFactory features you can try using:

Video Converter

The video conversion feature in FormatFactory is quite powerful, here you can convert files to various video formats and get access to some pretty advanced tools. Some of the tools for processing your files include setting the file size, resolution, watermark, subtitles, adjusting video and audio parameters (video aspect ratio, bitrate, frame rate, rotation, audio sample rate, volume, and more). This feature also gives you a large selection of conversion presets with support for up to 4K.

You can also try additional features that can help you in various video conversion tasks. Includes:

  • Screen Recorder – A tool that allows you to capture or record video from a webcam, region, application window, or the entire screen, along with audio from the microphone or system sound.
  • Video Downloader – It allows you to download your video via the video link you need.
  • Video Joiner and Mix – This feature allows you to combine multiple video files into one video file, making it very easy to manage.
  • Split, Crop, and Clip Videos – This one feature will help you to split clips by selecting the part of the clip that is important or needed, it also features cutting certain parts of the video, and trimming to get only the video length that is needed.

Audio Converter

The audio converter feature certainly gives you a good output from the conversion of your audio files. In the conversion mode selection section, it is possible to change various audio parameters such as encoder, sample rate, bitrate, channel, volume, VBR, sample format, fade in/out, besides that you can also choose the quality of your audio output. As with converting videos, you can also use the audio joiner, splitter, and mixer settings to use when needed.

Convert DVD/Bluray/CD

FormatFactory also comes with DVD, Blu-ray, and CD conversion features that help you digitize physical media into soft file formats or save them to your computer. This will make it easier for you to open or access files without having to set up physical media. You have the option to rip DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays to other video and audio formats. Apart from that you can also choose to convert the disc into a digital ISO or CSO.

Document and Picture Converter

This feature will help you to manage document management tasks. As a conversion tool, you can use this feature to combine, convert, compress, encrypt and decrypt PDF files. In addition, you are also possible to convert other document formats such as EBooks. You can also access the FFZip tool which you can use to create zip files from multiple documents. As for the feature for converting image files, it allows you to convert between image formats.

Supported Formats

As a multimedia file format conversion software, FormatFactory is quite comprehensive in terms of supported formats and perfect enough to produce output for every converted file. Following are the various supported formats that you can convert with this FormatFactory.

Type Format
Video MP4, MKV, GIF, WebM, AVI, WMV, MPG, FLV, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, VOB, SWF
Audio MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, OGG, AAC, WAV, WavPack, M4A, M4R, AMR
Media DVD Blu-ray, DVD, CD, ISO, CSO,


FormatFactory offers a variety of additional features that fall into the utility category. The presence of these additional functionalities or utilities can help you in perfecting your file conversion tasks. Some of these include:

  • Media File Info – It allows you to view general information, video and audio file information in detail. This information will help you to take further action on your media files.
  • Rename Tool – You are allowed to change the name of the file you use and adjust it according to your preferences including date and time.
  • Hardware Acceleration Tester – This is a simple utility that helps you to test whether your GPU hardware (Nvidia, Intel and others) can support conversion in FormatFactory faster or not.

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Download the Latest Factory Format

For those of you who need a tool to convert various multimedia files to between formats, of course FormatFactory deserves to be your first choice. It comes with a number of features that are quite powerful and multifunctional to process your various media formats, ranging from text document files, images, audio, video, as well as CD/DVD and Blu-ray. You can use various features for free without any limitations. It is possible for you to get a good converted file and the best output quality. Here’s the download link for the latest and free FormatFactory that you can access safely and quickly!

Writer : Yunita Setiyaningsih | Editor : Rudi Dian Arifin

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