Tokopedia Marketing Solutions, Marketing Solutions Starting From IDR 20 Thousand

Jakarta, – As one of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia, Tokopedia is experienced in providing a sales platform for digital traders.

Now, the startup created by William Tanuwijaya offers digital marketing solutions for online merchants who sell on the platform through Tokopedia Marketing Solutions.

Tokopedia’s VP of Marketing Solutions, Edwin Chayadi, said that his party is always committed to equalizing the digital economy for the people of Indonesia, including MSMEs who market their products through Tokopedia.

“Tokopedia Marketing Solutions is a comprehensive marketing solution from Tokopedia to help business people achieve promotional goals and generate sustainable business growth,” said Edwin during a media conference in the Senopati area, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/9/2022).

Broadly speaking, Tokopedia Marketing Solutions offers many advantages for business people in Indonesia, including reaching more Tokopedia users spread over 99% of sub-districts, presence in all consumer purchase journeys starting from when consumers explore the main Tokopedia page, look for products, or from Tokopedia social media.

Tokopedia Marketing Solutions can also help businesses target advertisements to the right consumer profiles through the use of consumer data in accordance with applicable regulations and the principles of security and protection of personal data.

And always-on-marketing, which makes it easy to create, manage, and maximize advertisements with technology so that business people can focus more on developing their business.

Business people in Indonesia can take advantage of the various promotional channels offered by Tokopedia Marketing Solutions to develop their business, including promotions on the Tokopedia main page, using the ‘TopAds’ advertising feature so that products appear at the top of the search page, and advertising on the Search feature.

There are also advertising features on the Notifications and Messages page, which include Broadcast Chat (to promote products directly in the user’s inbox/inbox), Push Notifications (sellers can send promotional messages to direct potential buyers to the store page) and Notification Center (promotions will appear on the user notification page).

Sellers who use Tokopedia Marketing Solutions can also advertise in interactive games, such as Tap Tap Box, which rewards coupons or cashback, promote products/stores through shows on the Tokopedia Play streaming channel, and maximize their social media using Collaborative Ads with Tokopedia.

“The benefits offered by Tokopedia Marketing Solutions are proven to be effective. We note that as of the first semester of 2022, Tokopedia Marketing Solutions experienced a 17-fold growth in advertising investment value, and a 30-fold growth in the number of strategic partners from medium to large-scale sellers,” added Edwin.

Various business people in Indonesia, from various scales and categories, have benefited from Tokopedia Marketing Solutions. For example, a fashion brand managed to get a 103% increase in the average number of orders.

There was also an FMCG company that saw a 146% increase in revenue and a 169% increase in bookings. As well as food and beverage brands that get an average increase in revenue of 156% and 279% in the average number of orders.

“In the future, Tokopedia Marketing Solutions will continue to try to help business people in Indonesia of various scales and categories, to accelerate their business performance at Tokopedia to help the national economic recovery through the use of digital channels,” added Edwin.

The good news is that business owners can try out Tokopedia’s advertising solutions at relatively affordable prices.

“Basically, we want to help them (Tokopedia sellers) to maximize their profit. About the price varies, depending on the budget you have. But for the range, starting from Rp. 20 thousand to millions (rupiah),” said the man who has a hobby of jet skiing.

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