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Get ready, realme Mejeng at Pestapora

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Jakarta, – It is undeniable that music is a big part that cannot be separated from the lifestyle of today’s young people.

So after the government relaxed the Covid-19 pandemic rules, various music concerts were again held in various regions in the country.

Responding to this, realme announced to take part in Pestapora, one of the biggest music festivals in Indonesia this year with more than 100 top performers, Pestapora, as Official Smartphone Partner.

This step proves realme’s courage in creating a new standard as a smartphone brand in presenting exciting activities for young people through trendy-designed booths at large-scale music festivals.

After successfully setting a new standard last month through the realme 828 Fan Festival, an event specifically dedicated by realme as a smartphone brand to its loyal fans, this time realme is continuing its fan-focused strategy. realme listens to the wishes of young Indonesians for the presence of a music festival filled with talented musicians and talents in the country.

Pestapora is a large-scale music festival with an estimated attendance of more than 60 thousand people. Held for three days from 23-25 ​​September 2022, this music festival will take place at Gambir Expo, Jakarta, and will become a forum for musicians across generations and genres.

Not only presenting well-known musicians from the country, this festival will also feature independent or indie musicians who are just starting their careers as well as art and creation festivals.

“Not just choosing a partner as the Official Smartphone Partner for Pestapora, we view that realme is the most appropriate person because of the proven consistency in maintaining their commitment to developing the potential of young Indonesians. I personally saw the seriousness of this smartphone brand in the realme 828 Fan Festival which was held last month. Together with realme, I believe that Pestapora can become a new platform for the creative music industry to express their works as well as a source of inspiration for new Indonesian talents who want to enter the world of music,” said Kiki Ucup, Festival Director for Pestapora.

Fun Activities

realme is committed to encouraging more young Indonesians to Dare-to-Leap, as was the case with Pestapora.

Not only presenting a great product line with the latest technology, realme also prepares many exciting activities during this music festival.

In a booth that looks trendy with a graffiti theme along with art installations that are attached to young people, realme will hold activities such as Mini Karaoke with realme Pad mini, realme 9 Pro+ Trendsetting Photobooth, Vintage Graffiti Phone Box, and #Shotonrealme contest at Pestapora, and can also try directly several products ranging from smartphones to realme’s latest AIoT.

To add to the excitement, realme will also provide special offers on several products that are exhibited at the booth.

This is nothing but to provide opportunities for more young people to experience the benefits of realme products, both smartphones and AIoT at the best prices.

“I am proud and excited to announce our collaboration with Pestapora, which makes realme the Official Smartphone Partner of this large-scale music festival. Pestapora and realme share the same values, namely the Dare-to-Leap spirit, creativity, and the courage to open up their potential in their work, especially in the field of music. realme itself never stops encouraging young Indonesians to have positive activities, explore their potential to achieve whatever they want. Through a variety of activities and the best products that we will present in a trendy youth-style booth, realme is ready to create a new standard again for smartphone brand booths and activities at music festivals to be enjoyed by all young people in Indonesia,” concluded Michonne Wang, Marketing Director. realme indonesia.

Collaboration with the Pestapora music festival is a form of continuing realme’s mission in supporting the national creative industry, especially the music sector in the future. Furthermore, realme will continue its commitment to supporting young people in Indonesia who are Dare-to-Leap through cutting-edge technology products and other innovations.

Visit the realme booth at Pestapora located at Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, from 23-25 ​​September 2022 or during Pestapora.

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