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Exciting Stories from Samsung Research Indonesia Participants

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Jakarta, – This is not a new thing, currently students are busy looking for companies for internships. In addition to campus needs, these students are also looking for work experience before graduating.

The internship program at Samsung Research Indonesia (SRIN) has existed since 2014. Currently, students can apply for the SRIN program from campuses that have collaborated with SRIN.

Director of Software R&D SRIN, Risman Adnan explained, for a decade, SRIN has reached hundreds of digital talents in the country.

“Since 10 years ago until now, SRIN together with hundreds of digitally talented young Indonesians have worked with laboratory facilities in the fields of mobile application services, AI, IoT, Cloud and Data Management, innovation services, to B2B innovation,” said Risman.

Large companies are often the target of students. Imagine you are doing an internship at Samsung Research Indonesia, SRIN, part of Samsung, a large technology company that is also in Indonesia. What do you think you will get if you do an internship at SRIN?

Melvin Tan is one of the participants who are currently participating in the SRIN internship program. During the internship, Melvin was placed in the Data Management Part. He is in charge of working on product and project development tasks given according to the deadline.

Melvin is obliged to report work results, including work progress, during the work process.

“Then at the end of the project, I explained the learning and insights I got while in the development project team,” said Melvin.

In addition to application development, SRIN is also involved in the commercialization of services and helps Samsung become the only communication device maker in Indonesia that meets the Domestic Component Level (TKDN).

Some of the applications that SRIN has created include Samsung Gift Indonesia, Samsung Pay Indonesia, Salaam, S-Lime and App Station for the latest Samsung Galaxy devices in regional and global markets. The benefits of this application development have been enjoyed by millions of Samsung mobile phone consumers in Indonesia.

More than 140 talented digital talents have participated in the internship program at SRIN. They come from Indonesian campuses, such as the University of Indonesia, Bina Nusantara, to the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Melvin further talked about the positive things he got while joining SRIN. According to him, there are at least three things, namely experience, soft skills, and technical knowledge.

“In terms of technical knowledge, I can apply the knowledge I have learned in real life in college. I also got new knowledge that I didn’t get before in college. I can also see and recognize the latest trends in the industry that are related to the science or field that I am engaged in,” he said.

Even so, Melvin did not deny that during his internship at SRIN he also encountered some difficulties. One of them is on technical matters such as programming languages ​​which he thinks are foreign because they are not taught in college.

Luckily, the mentors at SRIN were always quick to help him so that the difficulties could be passed smoothly.

Melvin himself also learns a lot from his colleagues who are working on similar projects. “I was assisted by mentors or seniors who were already in the project,” he said.

This is proof that SRIN not only hires interns, but they also guide and develop young digital talents to solve problems.

In addition to opening internship opportunities at SRIN for students, since 2018 Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) has also provided Field Work Practice (PKL) opportunities to more than 1,400 vocational high school students who are placed in Samsung Service, Samsung retail stores, and through Samsung Innovation. Campus (SIC) with its intensive bootcamp program.

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