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Various Choices of Profession For Those Who Like to Play Games

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Jakarta, – Even though the times have changed, there are still some people who may think that playing games is just a waste of time.

In fact, did you know that there are many contemporary professions, especially for young people, that can be obtained from the hobby of playing games? Starting from a hobby, it can even become a money-making profession.

If playing games is an excuse for putting aside tasks, it is indeed a negative impact of playing games.

In fact, the activity of playing games can be used as a promising business field or profession. Because in this digital era, we can develop our potential according to the pleasures we like.

Here are some alternative professions for those who like to play games.

Professional Gamers

The first profession, of course, is a professional gamer. Develop your gaming skills, and often participate in existing tournaments to increase your reputation in the gaming world.

Start from small-scale tournaments at the local level, until later you can get to the international level, which of course with promising prizes. Although to become a professional gamer is not easy, you must continue to work hard and have high dedication for this.

Who knows, you’ll be the next The Next Lemon or Jess No Limit.


This profession may be becoming a hit profession among young people, especially in the field of esports or online games, of course you can also create various kinds of useful positive content ranging from updated news about esports teams or players, video content on YouTube is wrong. the other being a streamer or vlogger who plays the role of someone who shares content about an online gaming tournament, demonstrating the ability to play an online game to get closer to the gaming community.


Have you ever heard the name caster? This caster can be said to be a match commentator, where an esports tournament will be more exciting when there is a caster profession in it.

Not much different from a football match commentator, this caster can make the match feel more interesting to follow. Therefore, a caster must also have a very deep understanding of the game being broadcast.


There are also content writers or story writers in online games, jobs for gamers who like to write. Yep, this game writer job is usually needed for games that have a deep narrative and plot.

Action-adventure games, for example, require a strong narrative to build their gameplay. In fact, at The Game Awards, there is a special category for Best Narrative which is given to the game with the best story. Usually, the game writer will work with the game designer and voice over to convey the story.

Those are some of the current professions that you can pursue from your hobby of playing online games. And to pursue your skills playing online games, of course you need a stable and anti-lag internet connection.

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