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Telkomsel card numbers usually consist of 11 or even 12 digits. For some people, it may be difficult to memorize their cell phone number, especially if the number contains several rows of numbers that are difficult to remember. Moreover, under certain conditions, you forget your cell phone number, and you haven’t even saved the number in your cell phone contacts.

If you have now forgotten what your cell phone number is, you don’t need to worry. For Telkomsel users, you can use several methods to find out which number you are using. Here are some ways you can do that:

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How to Check Telkomsel Numbers

Some of the methods you can use to find out your Telkomsel phone number include: using the MyTelkomsel application, accessing the USSD code, calling the Call Center, virtual assistant, sending SMS messages, and finally making calls. Listen and follow some of the methods below!

1. Through the MyTelkomsel Application

Check Telkomsel Numbers via the MyTelkomsel Application
1. MyTelkomsel. RUDI DIAN ARIFIN

The first way to check your Telkomsel number is that you can do it through the MyTelkomsel application. The MyTelkomsel application is an application from Telkomsel which contains various kinds of important information to make it easier for users. To use the MyTelkomsel application, you must first connect to the internet and take the following steps:

  1. Open the app MyTelkomsel on your cellphone.
  2. On the page main your application, check at the top left then it will be available active number that you use.
  3. Then you can also select the information menu to find out the active number you are using and various other information about your service provider.
  4. Done.

Notes: You can only do this method if you have previously registered your number on the MyTelkomsel application. If not, then you cannot use MyTelkomsel to find out which phone number you are using.

2. Via USSD Code *808#

Based on information from the official Telkomsel website, it says that you can also check your number via Dial Up. Listen and follow the steps to check your Telkomsel number via the USSD code below.

  1. You can open menus The call on your cellphone first.
  2. Then enter the code *808#.
  3. After successfully entering the code, select menu call or Call.
  4. After that wait a few moments and an information appears regarding your Telkomsel number.
  5. To remember the number and prevent you from forgetting the number again, you can save the notification by taking a screenshot.
  6. Done.

And what you need to know is that if you use the phone check service, you have to pay a fee of Rp 100 for one request. So try to have a small balance to be able to use the cellular number checking service.

3. Via Call Center or Operator

Telkomsel Call Center
3. Telkomsel Call Centers. Kompas.com

For the next method, you can contact the operator or customer service. This method is also one of the most effective ways that you can do because it’s free of charge. But what you need to know is that Telkomsel has various types of cards, such as: SimPATI, Loop, halo, and AS cards. The operator number that can be contacted is also different. Therefore, you must know the type of Telkomsel card that you are using.

  1. Open the menu first call on your cellphone.
  2. Then press the number 188 for SimPATI, Loop, and Kartu As users.
  3. Press number 133 for the Halo card type.
  4. And press the number +628110000333 for special Telkomsel users who are abroad.
  5. Then after selecting the number according to the type of card your provider has.
  6. The next step you can take is to follow the instructions according to the operator’s directions while the call is in progress.
  7. Done.

4. Via Virtual Assistant

Telkomsel also provides a virtual assistant service named Veronika to assist its users in accessing various information such as buying credit, checking numbers, checking quotas, checking bills, exchanging Telkomsel points and others. The Veronika service is a chat-based service, and you can access it in a number of ways, for example through the website www.telkomsel.com, through the My Telkomsel application, Telegram (tsel.me/telegramVA2), WhatsApp (tsel.me/wa2), and via Line (tsel.me/lineVA2).

5. Via SMS

Then you can also do the following steps if you want to know your number. The following method is also very easy but somewhat different from the previous methods. But what you need to know is that you can do this method only when you have credit. The method is by send SMS to your closest family or friends. If the message has been sent, your number can also be seen in the inbox section of the message you sent.

6. Making Calls

And for the last method, you can make calls to your close friends or family. Just like sending SMS, you must have credit first if you want to make a call. After making the call, your number will appear on the cellphone screen of the user you are calling.

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The following is information on how to check your Telkomsel number. Just choose one of the ways you can try to find out what your number is. After the method you did was successful and you already know your number, immediately save the number on your cellphone contacts, so you can refer to it at any time when you forget your number again.

How to check whose Telkomsel number is registered under whose name?

Type *444# on the menu The call. Then select the call menu and then you will be given the option of a prepaid registration service. And select check registration status then send. Then you can enter NIK that you registered. And this information will be processed and then it will appear via SMS sent to your number.

How to check whose number is without an application?

You can use the site Truecaller.com, and enter the destination number. Then enter and click menu “search” and wait a few moments for the number owner’s data to appear.

What is the initial code for the Telkomsel number?

There are several types of pre-codes for Telkomsel numbers, for example 0811, 0812, 0813, 0821, 0822, 0823, 0851, 0852, 0853.

What if the Telkomsel number that is owned is forfeited?

you can call *888*89# with your charred number.

How do I register a Telkomsel card?

Type a message “REG(Space)NIK#KK Number#” then send on the number 4444.

How to check the active period of a Telkomsel number?

Press *888# then select the menu Call. Then information about your remaining credit and information on your number’s active period will appear.

How to activate a dead Telkomsel card?

you can press *888*89#. Then select the menu Call and select “Card Re-activation”. After that select “Agree” and you can enter a number NIK KTP and KK You.

Writer : Adella Eka Ridwanti | Editor : Rudy Dian Arifin

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