Tips Menghemat Baterai HP Agar Tahan Lama

Tips on Saving HP Battery to Last Long

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Jakarta, – In the past, smartphone cheap price often underestimated because it is considered to be damaged quickly and often slow.

However, with ever-evolving technology, quality smartphone entry even a million are now even more sophisticated and reliable to use for a long time.

Talking about battery life, there are some tips on saving HP batteries so they last longer. Even so, it should be remembered that durable or not smartphone still depends on the user’s habits.

Here are tips for caring for it smartphone For those of you who want their smartphone to last a long time:

Use the original charger

One thing to do smartphone so uncomfortable to use is the fast battery lowbat. So that’s it no incident with smartphone you, limit use smartphone when charging for essentials only.

Because if we open smartphone continuously when charging, the battery will quickly leak. Smartphone so will you no can perform its function to the fullest.

Apart from that, there is one thing you can do to maintain the durability and quality of the battery smartphone you are use charger original.

Pay attention to the battery charge cycle

To extend battery life, also pay attention to the charging cycle. It’s a good idea to charge when the device’s battery has touched 30% and stops charging in the range of 80%–85%, so you don’t need to get to 100%.

Use screen smartphone with caution

For those of you who like mabar or scrolling social media, pay attention to how you use the screen smartphone-in

Don’t press the screen smartphone too loud and avoid scroll screen using nails that can make smartphone-you become imperishable.

Nahlet no criticism overcome by cuteness same screen smartphone you better choose smartphone which refresh rate the screen is at least 60Hz, so scrolling social media becomes more responsive, as well touch sampling rate 180Hz that lets you do it push rank more smoothly without having to insist on pressing the screen hard.

You should also periodically clean the screen smartphone-you with a soft cloth like cloth microfiber like the one used to clean glasses.

Do not use textured tissue or cloth, as they can scratch the screen smartphone-you To make it even cleaner, pour the cleaning liquid on the cloth microfiber before cleaning the screen.

Regular OS and application updates

To maintain performance smartphone remain maximal from year to year, make sure we always update operating system. Thus, performance smartphone so it’s smoother, system security is more maintained, and we can get new features and views on smartphone let no FOMO.

Besides update operating system, we also need update applications used so that these applications can continue to run optimally without frequently lag.

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