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Collaborating with RRQ, MILO E-Activ Academy Encourages the Development of Esports in Indonesia

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Jakarta, – Nestlé through one of its products, MILO, presents the newest sports platform MILO E-Activ Academy to support eSports fans so they can further develop their abilities through physical training and gaming strategies.

Collaborating with the Indonesian eSports team, Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ), MILO E-Activ Academy presents a variety of physical exercise tutorial videos that can be accessed via the website

PT Nestlé Indonesia Beverages Business Unit Business Executive Officer Mirna Tri Handayani said that Nestlé MILO believes that exercise is not only important for maintaining health and fitness, but also important for improving concentration, reflexes, stamina and teamwork.

“For this reason, we present a new platform for MILO E-Activ Academy as part of MILO ACTIV Indonesia. Here, eSports lovers can find a variety of physical exercises that can certainly improve their eSports playing skills. This is in line with Nestlé MILO’s commitment to creating a future generation of Indonesians who are active, healthy and have strong characters,” said Mirna in her official statement.

Meanwhile, Deputy 3 for Sports Culture, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Raden Isnanta, M.Pd. also expressed his appreciation for Nestlé MILO.

“We fully support the steps taken by Nestlé MILO in presenting the MILO E-Activ Academy for eSports fans in Indonesia. eSports has become one of the leading sports branches that has been recognized since 2020. Until now, many eSports teams are made up of young people who continue to excel and make Indonesia proud on the international stage. We hope that this collaboration between Nestlé MILO and RRQ can give birth to the seeds of Indonesian eSports players who will become the pride of the nation in the future.”

The captain of the RRQ team, Rivaldi Fatah, known as RRQ R7, welcomed Nestlé MILO’s initiative to present the MILO E-Activ Academy which contains a series of exercises that can support eSports players in improving their performance.

“We hope that through this platform, more and more eSports lovers will be educated about the importance of doing physical exercise to improve their ability to play eSports. Hopefully the presence of MILO E-Activ Academy can support the development of eSports in Indonesia.”

MILO E-Activ Academy presents various video tutorials featuring RRQ coaches and players. This video tutorial contains a series of basic exercises consisting of stamina and strength training, reflex and speed training, and memory training.

“To be a champion is certainly not easy. Must consistently practice to improve performance and team cohesiveness. In addition, of course, must be supported with good stamina. Do a variety of physical exercises that can increase stamina, such as stretching to short circuit training (hand and foot training) which can be obtained through video tutorials at MILO E-Activ Academy,” explained Rivaldi.

Nestlé MILO is committed to presenting a variety of other sports programs as part of MILO ACTIV Indonesia, such as the MILO ACTIV Indonesia Race, the Sports Development Program in Elementary Schools and the MILO ACTIV Academy.

“Through the MILO E-Activ Academy, Nestlé MILO inspires people in Indonesia to always adopt a healthy and active lifestyle through sports, including eSports. Sport is the best teacher who teaches values ​​such as sportsmanship, self-confidence, never giving up and teamwork,” Mirna concluded.

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