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Collaboration, IOH and Tara Indepay Present Fast and Safe Transactions

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Jakarta, – Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) announced that it will be working with Tara Indepay to provide an attractive payment experience to its customers through its network. retailer, bank, and merchant.

Integrated in the myIM3 and bima+ applications, this platform will enable customers to make fast, safe and smooth transactions across payment networks by model count capped zero-fee compared to traditional payment methods.

The two companies will integrate and work closely together in the coming months to create robust solutions for all IOH customers.

There are various problems that customers and merchants experience with payment mechanisms – among other things, 17% (or 1 in 6) of transactions are canceled due to processing checkout long & complicated, 9% due to no preferred payment method and instrument, 4% due to rejected credit cards and many of them due to high fees and interbank transfer fees – Tara | Indepay creates an integrated payment network with major banks that can work together for the benefit of consumers.

Tara Platform | Indepay was built to solve payment problems while offering speed and convenience in transactions that adhere to the highest security standards.

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ritesh Kumar Singh, said that IOH is committed to presenting a world-class digital experience, connecting and empowering the Indonesian people.

“We are very pleased to welcome this collaborative exploration with Tara | Indepay to deliver a global payment experience that is simple to our 98.2 million customers. We hope that the financial experience through this application will complement the digital ecosystem and support customers’ digital lifestyles and also contribute to the growth of Indonesia’s digital economy in the future,” said Ritesh in his written statement.

Tara | Indepay will enable IOH customers to map their mobile number to one of their various funding sources such as bank accounts, e-money, debit & credit cards as a Payment Identity (Pay-ID).

This allows for faster and more secure transfers between accounts and a seamless payment experience. Furthermore, customers can then use Pay-ID whenever they want to transact without requiring anything but smartphone and the myIM3 or bima+ applications in various merchant, retailerand participating banks.

To achieve this, Tara | Indepay has begun to deeply integrate with major banks across Indonesia and will continue to add more banks to its network over the next 12 months.

“Digital payments play an important role in driving a country’s economy. Large volumes of online shoppers purchase products and services, often going through the tedious process of entering payment details such as card details, CVV, expiration date, and address leading to the main cancellation page. checkout. With the Tara platform, we want to solve that problem by offering a transaction experience low-cost, which is very fast, easy and secure, which takes no more than a second. This will have a massive impact on the digital economy in Indonesia because it will help sellers increase profits, and buyers shop more confidently and safely,” said Rajib Saha, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Setara Networks Worldwide.

Tara | Indepay believes in taking the first step in creating a partner network that is truly open to all. The commitment is“Making Every Transaction Beneficial” good for customers, merchant, retaileror participating banks and next year a loyalty program for consumers will also be launched.

IOH and Tara | Indepay focuses on achieving payment solutions real-time built around consumer needs – especially limited-count free transactions, lightning-fast payments, highly secure, all of which are made possible by a single Pay-ID to provide a seamless consumer experience.

It is a unique solution that solves the big problem in payments and brings together merchants, retailerand banks under one network to provide a simpler experience for IOH customers.

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